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This Beautiful Bundle Is Called FI DI GYAL DEM. In This Bundle You Will Find The Favs That You'd Definitely Want To Gift HER. The Items Included In This Bundle Are: 1 Wata Lips Squeeze Tube Without Glitter, 1 Turmeric Medz Bar, 1 180ML Turmeric Medz Mask, 1 Ital Butta & 1 Ital Oil Mix.

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This Bundle Is Called FI DI MAN DEM. In This Bundle You Will Find The Favs That You'd Definitely Want To Gift HIM. The Items Included In This Bundle Are: 1 Rasta, 1 Turmeric Medz Bar, 1 180ML Turmeric Medz Mask, 1 Ital Butta & 1 Suave.



This Beautiful Bundle Is A Turmeric Bundle. A Bundle Filled With Many Benefits. The Items Included In This Bundle Are: 1 Love & Affection, 2 Turmeric Medz Bars & 1 180ML Turmeric Medz Mask.




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Strawberry Scented

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Attn Jemz🖤💛💚

Get To Know Me!

Welcome to Bubbles&Lips Cosmetics where you'll find vegan friendly and cruelty free soap bars, body wash, lip gloss, face masks, body butters, lotion bars, beard oils, hydrating face & body oils, etc. My name is Teolaa and I am pleased to share my passion with each and every single one of you. My inspiration to start this business was because I was always having trouble with finding the right soaps, lotions & lipglosses due to my super sensitive skin. It came down to literally just me searching for the best route to find great quality yet affordable products that will help with dark spots, eczema, you name it! The main goal was to just find the right products that work for my skin without my skin breaking out or having skin discolourations. I thought to myself why not become my own source. What inspired me to go the vegan friendly and cruelty free way was the fact that most products out there now are not vegan friendly or cruelty free and aren’t very affordable. I thought why not cater to everyone in an affordable way. Let’s face it, skin care can get super expensive at times so why not have this be a nice way to become an outlet for people like myself who have trouble in these areas of findings. What inspired me to go the Jamaica themed route is so that everyone can get a feel of my culture and be able to embrace it like I do.

So here we are! Once again welcome to my sweet paradise called Bubbles&Lips Cosmetics.

Peace & Love to One & All 🇯🇲
Feel free to contact myself in the contact us section if you have any questions along the way.

Happy Shopping Jemz✨


Your Fav Black Owned Business Owner🖤💛💚

Bless Up 🇯🇲


Loved the lip gloss. It was nonsticky which is always a problem for me when buying affordable lip glosses. It smelt amazing and was long-lasting. Did not have to reapply another coat for a long time even after snacking and eating. Will definitely purchase again!

-Wata Lips

Jasmine F.

Fast shipping and great flavor. Not sticky on the lips which is what I was worried about. This lip gloss lasts way longer than expected. I don’t find myself reapplying often even after wearing a mask into the store. Now I’m a lip balm/chap stick fan and decided to give this a try and I haven’t used chapstick since. Great job to the makers. I WILL be back and spreading the word.

-Wata Lips


I received everything. I went through the package and everything is amazing. It’s so unique and intimate. Definitely love the handmade vibe. The lip gloss and soap smells so good

-Wata Lips Squeeze Tube Without Glitter

& Turmeric Medz Bar

T. Daley

100% recommend and would buy againI was in the market for a new face soap , and I have a few problem areas that turn into dark spots. A friend recommended me to try a turmeric soap. So before I went to my local beauty supply store I decided to buy from a black owned business. BEST DECISION I MADE! I've been using it for about 2 weeks now. First use I actually saw a lightness to my dark spots which amazed me as I have tried many products. I have continued to use it and can see a change in my dark spots which is absolutely incredible ! I highly recommend and will be purchasing again!

-Turmeric Medz Bar


This might be some peoples Christmas giftsI'm usually not a fan of lip gloss because of how sticky it can be. This one is not at all sticky, and it keeps your lips very moisturized. I also feel like I don't have to reapply often. I actually really enjoyed and mad that I didn't get two to keep one in my car for backup. Will be purchasing again and feel like I might gift it this year for Christmas.

-Wata Lips


Amazing! The items I purchased were absolutely amazing! Great price and good quality products

- Dutty Wine Bubbles

Rochelle Payne

Item Received on time! I purchased the turmeric soap for myself after purchasing gifts for family here as well. I am very pleased with my items received. It was lovely. It makes your face feel soft and very little lotion is needed after use. Especially during this cold dry winter season. I must say it also makes one feel 10 years younger. Thank you to the makers. I will definitely be buying again.

- Turmeric Medley


Amazing product....100% recommended. It does exactly what it says it would do. All those stubborn spots I was having a hard time with is now lighter than usual.

- Turmeric Medz Bar

Kalilah Lodge

I bought these products for help with my dark marks. I haven’t used it very long but the quality of the products is amazing. The soap feels soft and smooth on the skin and isn’t drying at all. The mask is a paste best used with an applicator and doesnt drip! my skin felt wonderful after use of both products. !! BUY THIS !!!!

- Turmeric Medley